Sep 5, 2008

As it is known

"This is the situation as it is known," Rotella wrote. "He intentionally fired five shots from a handgun into the residence ... where one of the gunshots struck Derek King in the chest area, causing his death."

The shooting surprised police, because the fatal bullet was apparently fired blindly, passing all the way through the house -- through the carport wall, the living room wall, the living room, the dining room, and out the back door -- before killing King. The man apparently finished his cigarette and stepped into the doorway and the flying bullet hit him in the chest.

It was unclear, initially, if the drive-by shooting was random, or if unit H-4 at Dahlridge Apartments was actually targeted. Within two weeks, though, detectives had wanted posters out on Nelson Carlos Guajardo, describing the suspected murderer as a 230-pound, six-foot, Hispanic man "known to frequent areas with adult entertainment establishments."

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