Sep 18, 2008

The circus in the morning

On Thursday morning, the circus is just waking up. There's a cannon parked by the highway, with a sign boasting that it's the world's largest cannon. A couple of one-hump camels look bug-eyed, and suspiciously at passing traffic. In the rolling kitchen, breakfast is being cleaned away. A giant tent is spread out on the ground, a great big splash of red and yellow across the field, catching the sun as it comes out like a trumpet announcement. There are three teams of men working on the tent, working to raise the big top.

It'll be 55 feet tall, when they raise it. It'll seat about 2,000 people, and all of them will cheer for the elephants, laugh at the clowns, say "oooohh" for the springboard acrobats and "aahhhhhh" for the women on the flying trapeze.

One man is pounding in tent stakes. Another's moving poles.

A little man in blue, Perlito, a clown from Colombia, is passing pulley blocks, placing one by each guide-wire. He has an armload of blocks and he puts them out, walking around the tent. But then, Perlito suddenly switches back into a clown, swiftly sneaking across the tent in an exaggerated tip-toe, sneaking up behind someone and shouting, "Boo!" The surprised man, a big man with a sledge hammer, chases the costume-less clown, who runs and giggles.

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