Sep 15, 2008

What happened to R. Cobb?
Augustine, Luther & Barth on sin
A crash course in theorized particles
Society's (& Hollywood's) need for superheros
Is music still a product?
Net's pessimists/optimists
Only Facebook can save this country
The Rothko wars
Raymond Chandler's 'The Simple Art of Murder'
Roald Dahl's stint as a spy
An old man, 93, and his LA park
Tuesdays with Rupert Murdoch
Some say Google is God: The search engines business model
Lifepods: The yurt of the future
Typography for lawyers
Dreaming of Palin
'Feminism is heresy'
Listening to the 20th century: Advances in music, auditory vistas
Newspaper's so-called 'style'
Woodward, the Capote of national security journalism
The absurdity of counting to four
Our official sadism
Politics of the Big Lebowski
John McCain's wars
The House of Wittgenstein
Eveloutionary explanations of homosexuality
Maurice Sendak feels like a failure. And he's grumpy
The escalating breakdown
True Enough: How reality and knowledge have become fragmented
Books too good for this tawdry world
Who owns Poe's corpse?
'Maasai warrior Lempuris Lalasho went to Kenya's tourist haven Mombasa to find a white woman to marry, but he ended up working as a hairdresser, a profession that is taboo in his culture.'
How imperfect technology, bad information and trigger-happy traders almost obliterated United Airlines
The morgue moves to google
Traditional media bashing
Secular humanist struggling to come to terms with white Christians
Nazi characters and no humour
Original sin and the ground of democracy
List of assassinated American politicians
Picturing Harvey Milk
Caught up in things: The outing of Oliver Sipple