Oct 6, 2008

Almost abstract

The best photographs in the show took this level of intense attention and heightened it. These pictures were almost abstract, pushing a new vision of the ordinary until the known was almost, but not quite, unrecognizable. Daniel Piar, who won Best In Show, and Paul Conlan, who won first place, proved they are devotees of the art.

Conlan captured a line of red vinyl stools at a red counter, a composition turning some Art Deco décor into a timeless study of a single strong color and a collection of shapes.

Daniel Piar focused on a barn, with black-and-white studies of a joint in a beam and a leaning ladder.

Piar's pictures use the full range of light, from black to white, and his camera captures and emphasizes previously unnoticed details: The textures of unfinished wood, the gap around a nail, the way the lines of a ladder crosses the fall of shadow.

"This," the judges wrote, "is what a photograph should be."

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Photos seek to show ordinary in new ways