Oct 16, 2008

Avoid the temptations

At first, they prayed for healing, for deliverance, and for Jesus to take away the pain.

A year ago, at a candle light memorial for Edward "Boo-Man" Mills, a 17-year-old who was murdered while selling marijuana on a Sunday afternoon on Flint River Road, the people prayed in tongues, a prayer language some Christians say they use when they don't know the words to pray.

Then they prayed for justice. At a second memorial held in May, when prosecutors' blunders reduced the suspected murder's possible prison sentence from life to just a few years, the people prayed for Jesus to "make it right." They held lighted candles in the evening, at the scene of the murder, and asked God to give them justice.

But the tone was different on Tuesday. At the third candlelight memorial, on the anniversary of the young man's murder, more than 50 people gathered at dusk at the scene of the shooting and again they sang, again they prayed, but this time, they asked God to protect their children and encourage young people to avoid the temptations of fast money, the street and the devil.

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