Oct 25, 2008

A torn-down, stripped-out gas station
& the scene of the officer-involved, fatal shooting of a mentally ill teen

1. Why exactly should it be considered a compliment to be called a poet?
2. What is the other side's best impulse?
3. Why are political partisans humorless?
4. How did "socialism" come to equal "government intervention"?
5. Why do I always come back to philosophy and theory, when I really believe in stories and images?
6. What philosophical question should be regularly asked?
7. How does redemption happen?

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_ There is, after all, a certain indignity in fighting the class war for 107 years only to find one’s chosen style of governance employed on behalf of the other — which is to say, the very upper — class.
_ since that night, and especially since his death in 2003, Johnny Cash has become for some the craggy patron saint of redemption
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