Oct 9, 2008

Looking for Joe

Joe is missing.

He is sick, he hasn't been seen in three months, and nobody knows where he went, or what has happened to him.

"I'm praying nobody did nothing to him," said Marilyn Denise Stewart, Joe's mother. "I'm very worried and I'm staying up all night ... I don't have any money to offer a reward. I don't have anything. I just want to know what happened to my child. I can't rest. I can't sleep. I just need to know what happened to Joe."

Joe DeAngelo Stewart is 21, bipolar, possibly schizophrenic and he hasn't been seen since July 4.

He picked up a disability check for $570 in July, in Morrow, and he cashed it that same day.

A City of Morrow police detective has checked every area hospital, every psychiatric ward, every jail and every morgue, but he can't find Joe.

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