Oct 13, 2008

So she can ask

When the doctor told Danielle King her husband was dead, she said he was lying.

She had waited in a little room in Southern Regional Medical Center, in the early morning hours of that day in May 2007, and the doctors worked on her husband as the 29-year-old man faded, was resuscitated, and finally faded away.

"I was just hysterical," Danielle King recalled, a year and five months later. "I told him he was lying. To this day, I can't believe it. I ain't lying, my husband was no saint, but he wasn't no bad man."

When Derek King died, shot to death while smoking a cigarette on the back patio of a College Park apartment, his wife wanted to know what happened. She wanted explanations. She asked the detectives what they knew, asked the doctors for details, asked the people who had been there with Derek when he was shot, and she learned the excruciating facts. But she still has one question.

She wants to know why. She knows there's only one person who can say why her husband was shot in the chest, and she wants him caught, so she can look at him and ask, "Why?"

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