Nov 23, 2008

Wheel of future

I am leaving the Clayton News Daily on Dec. 12, exactly two and a half years after I started.

I really value the time I spent there, though I'm still having trouble thinking about it, expressing what it was, or explaining what it was like. I know that it's going to disturb me for a long time to come. At this point, the experience still feels really private and misunderstood, and I don't even really know how it matters.

The week after I leave the paper, I am moving to Germany, where my fiancee is working for the next four or five years. This is a challenge, for me, and there's some part me that has been panicing constantly, but I'm also really thrilled, to be doing this, and I know that I need this.

There's a lot I still don't know and it hasn't quite happened yet, but the wheel's been spun.