Dec 8, 2008

But just blinked

Mills also urged the young murderer to make things right.

"My plea this morning is that you ask God to forgive you," she said. "I forgive you, but your heart has to be right if you want to see God in peace. However, I am not a judge in the courts, or of this world. But one thing is for sure, God will have the final say. All that he requires of me is to forgive and love and I openly say that I forgive, whether you ask for it or not."

Winslow, wearing an olive-brown suit and shackles, didn't say anything, but just blinked.

The 17-year-old has been arrested and brought to juvenile court at least once a year since 2002, when the then-11-year-old was charged with battery, according to court officer, Michael Richards. Winslow has had charges of battery and assault dismissed, according to court records; has been sentenced to probation on charges of trespassing and burglary. A few years ago, Winslow walked away from a car wreck that killed two other teens, who had allegedly been fleeing from police in the stolen ride. They died, but Winslow only suffered a scar on his right eye.

"Jeffrey Winslow is a danger to himself and to the community," Richards said, during the sentencing. "This officer is not sure if the detention can change Jeffrey, but for three years, he would benefit. He would have around-the-clock guidance and supervision."

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