Dec 15, 2008

Ordered everyone to come out
(My last crime story)

A men held for an $80,000 ransom was freed from a Clayton County mobile home, five days after he was kidnapped out of his Duluth apartment.

Clayton and Gwinnett county police -- detectives, SWAT teams, crisis negotiators, and uniformed patrol -- surrounded the 404 Fleetwood Trail trailer at a few minutes after midnight Friday. Gwinnett County Detective Sgt. Eddie Restrepo got on a bullhorn and ordered everyone to come out with their hands up.

Three men came out of the pink, tin-sided mobile home, the 37-year-old hostage and two men, who were allegedly holding him against his will, 20-year-old Salvador Ernesto Salgado and 19-year-old Juan Torres Tobar.

The short-lived siege ended a five-day long kidnapping, 48 miles away from where it began.

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