Feb 16, 2009

Protest in red

A desert highway, and an eccentric group of monastic botanists
3,000 workers cars abandoned in Dubai
Saving New Deal architecture
Parks from above
Prestige projects canceled
Hyperlocalizing hydrology (Portland's greenstreet project)
Cheney pal pleads to Nigerian bribe conspiracy
Penn. juvie judges were bribed
Israeli elections ads
The use and misuse of Zyprexa
Mexico drug gangs hijack police radio for threats
Flowers from Gaza
Obama should stop the “state secrets” defense
Senators & taxes
Escape from North Korea
Blame these 25 for financial crisis
International weapons dealer (now dead): graft cash came in pizza boxes
The Unquiet American – Dale Stoffel’s story
A Tom Joad sheriff
How medical marijuana changes the pot industry
Math, invented or discovered?
What’s more sacred than peanut butter?
Bibliophilia, religion and Sotheby’s
Of food and sex
Alain Badiou on the uses of the word 'Jew'
Lincoln & Darwin, “Angels & Ages”
Lincoln and the laws of war
“Our” Lincoln
On Darwin's On the Origins of Species
A guide to the flood of Lincoln books
Lincoln's death revisited
Evolution in literature
Shephard Fairey arrested outside his museum exhibit
Shephard Fairey is a sell-out and I hate him
Virginia Woolfe and servants
Howard Kanovitz, pioneer of photorealism, dies at 79. May he rest in peace.
Ron Silliman loses his virginity, frees Lee Harvey Oswald and leaps tall buildings in a single bound
Zadie Smith: Speaking in (English) tongues
T.C. Boyle continues with "egomaniacs of the 20th century"
T.C. Boyle continues his distrust of gurus
Art's always better imagined
Pulling Puskin from the sofa
Kafka, the alienation artist
"Why I became an artist" -- a pulp cover collection.
Paintings @ the White House