Mar 11, 2009

The smell like tears at rotting

Her fiance was found in the trunk, dead after days. His face was eaten away in those days, and the death left nothing but a smell where his eyes and skin had been. It was like something the subconscious would serve up for fear, only it was daytime.

The dress turned black as she stood there, not speaking. It went from white to black, turning splotchy and dark gray, like the sullen color of a burnt and sodden sky. The dress was white and the white was a satin-smooth symbol of love, love and purity and pure love, and then the dream was destroyed by this. She would say she collapsed when she heard, only outwardly she still stood there and was simply silent. This happened and she stood perfectly still but she thought of herself and her dress differently. She thought of it as all turned brittle and black.

This happened, and then in her mind she went right then from bride to widow and the white dress went from white to black.