Apr 13, 2009

Notes on questions in Christianity

a) We can't not blaspheme. Speaking theologically, we always speak hideously of God. The only question can be what shape we want out blasphemy to take, whether we want, for example, to say that God isn't All-Powerful and All-Knowing, or whether we want to turn him into a sort of Stalin who tolerates rape and pain and death for the sake of a big Idea.

But we ought not talk about God unless we are willing to be terrified by what we say.

b) I can be ecumenical, can learn to be ecumenical, by understanding everything religious as another expression of the longing for God. I have to especially do this with the things I consider obscene and stupid. While your acts of faith might not be how I would express the longing for God with my stuttering, stammering tongue, they are, nevertheless, cries for the divine. Doing this, hearing everything as a cry, shifts the focus away from my conceptions of God and how he might rightly be worshiped, and instead focuses on how the human word is heavy-laden.

c) Shouldn't these pirates be seen as a critique, not just a technical problem? The reality of the attacks say something about the world we live in, perpetuate and create. It says something about our economics and our ethics, something I find deeply disturbing. This is the by-product of my consumption; the whey of the western world.

I think the pirates are actually making a critique Christians should be making.