Jun 1, 2009

MOST people don't relate to hyenas. You say "hyenas" to them and they give you a long stare, as if you're talking about a mythical beast -- which it practically is nowadays. The more enlightened might remember the old nature shows where the hyenas gang-pile a corpse or disembowel the newborn wildebeest and devour it in ragged bloody lumps before the awareness has left its eyes, but that's all they remember, the ugliness and the death.
            -- TC Boyle, A Friend of the Earth

Sam Maloof, famed California woodworker, dies at age 93. May he rest in peace.
How the US exiled every single inhabitant of Diego Garcia
Ralph Nader appeals to disaffected Republicans
Mayor quits for gay illegal immigrant he loves
Steve Earle's tribute to Townes Van Zandt
Fr. Ron's street memorial for the murdered
Liberal arts kids going to work on farms
The case for working with your hands
Family who stunts for James Bond
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Cleverness of rooks rivals chimps
UK's New Labour Party falls apart
Design-wise, America's fucked
Cornel West's blues philosophy
Can Palahniuk's fans be right?
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FBI infiltrates protest group II
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Learning to eat alone
Movie pee breaks
Bee truck rolls
Detroit: Garden City
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Waging nonviolence
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Orwell's struggle to write 1984
Spanish Civil War vets get citizenship
Sand sculpture competition in Moscow
In Neil Gaiman's hiddlegy-piddledy mind
Merkel 'turned down' job as communist spy
Communist spy fired shot that mobilized German leftists, moved nation left
Amos Elon, Israeli author and essayist, dies at 82. May he rest in peace.