Jul 15, 2009

Alone at the party 2

Bottle digging
Typography and prayer
The Oregon of the mind
The best movie trailers
Potlucks with a purpose
The audacity of the Pope
What it means to be butch
Being Hemmingway's wife
Shop class and self-reliance
You are not a bible character
Ten particularly curious fetishes
Learning to write and live from Camus
Michael Chabon on manhood for amateurs
Great books that aren't worth reading
A Review of The Walkable City
Apollo-mission-inspired songs
New Grahm Greene to be serialized
Aaron Belz: Poetry's next wave is hybrid
John Calvin and American Exceptionalism
Barack Obama and the American void
Supreme Court moving rightward
Denis Johnson's Jesus' Son on film
Early days of Guantanamo Bay were chaos
Culture snobs in an age of tech snobbery
Reburbia: Competition to redesign the suburbs
Right still claiming McCarthyism vindication
Graham Green and America's best intentions
30 years after Jimmy Carter's Malaise Speech
Dutch Calvinism gets boost from economic crisis
McNamara's still-warm-body stomped all over
Abbas Kiarostami: an excellent film director from Iran
Bill Clinton backs same-sex marriage (now he does)
War crimes lies, lies, lies, Liberia's Charles Taylor says
Shephard Fairey and the fight over intellectual property rights
What happens when an idie girl rebuilds her own house in New Orleans
Consumer culture, where we find meaning, e-bay and art: Significant Objects
Baseball's double play: a work of art, a hymn of praise, very nearly a miracle
Roberto Bolano's phobias and nightmares and thematic connection with The Wire