Jul 22, 2009

Until we start to change

Reading Ron Silliman's Garfield
The newspaper is dead -- long live journalism!
What we could have learned from the Sotomayor hearings
Lillian Bassman and women and sex and photos and power
A compendium of the world's wonders, curiousities and esoterica
Grow words the Wallace way: Turn ten boring words into a hundred good ones
Post-punk poster documentary reviewed in posters and cartoons
Tom Wilkes, album cover designer, dies at 69. May he rest in peace.
Leszek Kolakowski, Polish philosopher of Marxism, dies at 81. May he rest in peace.
Julius Shulman, photographer of modern architecture, dies at 98. May he rest in peace.
"when semi-celebrities would stare at people through their TV screens and offer direct instructions on how to lead a better life by following a few easy steps. Ultimately, those secrets were all the same: Viewers were encouraged to think of themselves as products, to be buffed-up and pitched..."
Walter Cronkite, "most trusted man in America," dies at 92. May he rest in peace."
Walter Cronkite's signature was approacable authority
American didn't need a national father figure
What's haunting Eric Holder?
So Houlden Caufield was a tool
Our robots don't feed on the dead
Why are the New Atheists hawks?
From teen prostitute to boarder vigilante
Comma-comma-comma crazy poets
Andrew Sullivan and the future of journalism
Shop class and the romantic mode of politics
Randall Terry returns with even more fake blood
Because sometimes you just need to see a lot of demented books with Gorillas on the cover
Is the war in Afghanistan an irresistable illusion without a solution
Tom Wolfe on the space program: One giant leap to nowhere
How they killled Chechnya's conscience
JG Ballard was right wing, but the right didn't want him.
Daniel Dennett: We must give up belief in belief
Science Fiction and fantasy writers' spaces
Inhabiting radical landscapes, old and new
Tom Waits and too much of everything
Living for loaves and fishes in Biloxi
McElroy is the lost Postmodernist writer
Public transit and public art in Seattle
This American Life and American accents
LBJ, Obama and the art of political arm twisting
Profile of David Cameron, analyis of the Tories
Neil Gaiman looks back at Batman
3 maps that get people worked up
The last days of merchant sailing
Zizek: Grad school as an "interspace"
Zizek: Berlusconi in Tehran
Naked Lunch's influence at 50
The politics of health care reform
The controversial dictionary
Little Walter treasure trove
Piano art project in London
The scene of the crime
The tattoos of science
Urban prankster