Aug 14, 2009

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The heart of the birthers
The history of short hand
Sherman Alexie's beautiful brain
Cell phones and the end of polling
Why do neocons love Jon Stewart?
A.O. Scott appreciates John Hughes
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Shiite sermon of peace and damnation
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The economics of anger on the radio
What is that thing which we call poetry?
John Caputo on being clear about faith
What does winning mean in Afghanistan?
Our first black president is a nazi? Really?
Car fins: the punctuation at the end of an era
Pynchon's work is just a vice of incoherence
Seattle library: civic architecture in an age of media
Poetry and the religious languages of sacrament and dialectic
Without presidential ambition, Cheney couldn't be held accountable
Geoffrey Bromiley, who translated major theologians into English, dies at 94. May he rest in peace.
Billy Lee Riley, roackabilly legend who recorded at Sun, dies at 76. May he rest in peace.
Mad Men, executive assistants, and feminism, then and now
The murders and mysteries of Charles Fredrick Rogers
The paranoid style: what conspiracy theories are about
Youth, rap, and the limits of free speech in America
How John Hughes turned me against Dave Eggers
The pull-in, push-out cinematography of Mad Men
REcultre and the idea of "post consumption"
Profile of Mexican novelist Mario Bellatin
Transformative architecture
Dick Cheney to kiss and tell
Rebranding famous brands
Manson family syllabus
James Agee on artists at war
Remembering Jack Wrangler
The real Ezekiel Emanuel
The litter that saves lives
Rehabilitating suburbia
Planet orbits in reverse
Militias resurge