Aug 10, 2009

We fought the snakes

We always heard stories about snakes on the land. We heard stories about good dogs-but dumb dogs-getting killed by snake heads left laying around, and about grown men making tourniquets they sterilized with piss. I never saw anyone bit, though. It never happened during the five years I was there. Now I wonder if it wasn’t the metaphor that motivated the war on snakes. Snakes were evil, and we were the righteous, fighting them with gardening tools. Satan was a snake and doubt was a snake and questions, a snake. The Devil’s deception was a snake with a waving tongue. So we were told to hunt them down. We were supposed to be the Last Days people of God and we were supposed to be making the new Eden out of the land by the river in Texas. We didn’t have any enemies, though, no enemies except questions and unseen spirits and people’s secret doubts about the inspiration of the prophets. So we fought what we could see; we fought the snakes.

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