Aug 22, 2009


Writing for Gordon Lish
A Happy Marriage
Thomas Pynchon's paranoia
Cormac McCarthy's apocalypse
The artist squatters of Berlin
Storytelling as performance art
Post-Baidouians do "Speculative Realism"
The cultural import of ad art & copy
Anxiety of Mad Men, Woodstock and now
"meditation on the deceptive allure of surface ... deeper mysteries of identity"
The question of appropriating Zizek for Christian theo-political tasks
Investigating and reporting on the end of investigative reporting
Legal considerations of the Troy Davis death penalty case
Zizek's Job tests God, rather than God testing Job
Appreciating Woody Guthrie as an Oklahomian
The Constitution, Catholicism, and a possibly innocent man
Remembering a high school creative writing teacher
Street literature: broadsides of bloody murder
The practical consequences of gay marriage
Jeremy Hhuggins is terrified of classical music
The philosophical importance of the coming nothing
Conservative lawyer to defend gay marriage
Henry Fairlie and the value of opposition
Tarantion's pornographic revenge fantasy
Calculating good-to-bad Tarantino ratios
Child stars of slumdog millionaire
Rene Girard on War and Apocalypse
Zora Hurston's challenge to black people
Jails contradict the Foucauldian critique
The soundtrack of losing her religion
What's wrong with industrial gothic?
Travel guide to man-made disasters
Designing the cover of Lolita
Light and design and nature 1
Light and design and nature 2
5 reasons newspapers are failing
The boycott Israel question
Recounting Zizek v. Milbank
Reconsidering John Calvin
Republican rift in Texas
Re-burbia design winners
The actor's Quentin leap
An underwear challenge
Rahm Emanuel profile
Egger’s Max at Sea
Fairey interviews Banksy
Gordon Lish: I'm Wide
Science tattoos