Sep 25, 2009

We do not try to describe the worries we have realized

Aage Bohr, who explained the shape of the atomic nucleus, dies at 87. May he rest in peace.
Jonathan Letham on the emotional gulf between writing a book and seeing it published.
Street Fight: Political documentary on new, Obama-esque mayore of Newark
Why do we still care about the Raymond Carver-Gordon Lish conflict?
Nick Cave talks about his new book, The Death of Bunny Monroe
Fight dirty at scrabble, a game of points, corners and frustration
Ralph Nader's novel: a utopian fantasy of "super-rich"
One clown continues to fight nuclear weapons across America
Review of the third edition of the dictionary of the F word
Religion for radicals: An interview with Terry Eagleton
A disillusioned insider on the last days of G.W. Bush
Self-published novel gets 23-year-old case reopened
David Brooks defines racism as impossible to prove
Cosby talks about The Cosby Show, 25 years later
Hear James Ellroy read from Blood's a Rover on NPR
James Ellroy's revisionist history roars off the page
How the US should build a high-speed rail network
Remembering Mary Travers of Peter, Paul & Mary
Conservatives debate the value of Glenn Beck
Humans hiding: camouflage as art
Electric literature: Single sentence animation
The business brilliance of the Netflix prize
No memory for pain: John Cheever begins
Kafka and absurdists makes you smarter
Should Derrida be read by philosophers?
Peter, Paul and Mary were my people
Christopher Hitchens on Irving Kristol
What I learned when I killed a chicken
Slovoj Zizek's top 10 video moments
Underground Berlin: a film treatment
Best fiction of the millennium so far
Modernistic, modular bookshelves
Sick, elderly Nazi retired in Austria
Does belief in evolution = atheism?
Ukranian history in sand animation
Fans of Twilight flock to Forks, Wash.
Recording the Clinton presidency
When I first met Sherlock Holmes
Slow boiling a frog of a metaphor
Intellectual conservatism is dead
Where does evolution leave God?
Karen Armstrong's case for God
The inherent ambiguity of WTF
James Ellroy on rewriting history
Cory Booker's battle for Newark
The Frankfurt School in exile
A syllabus of Roberto Bolaño
Remembering Irving Kristol
Michael Moore's new movie
Talking to Tess Gallagher
Artists' passport photos
30 mosques in 30 days
Commercial sculpture
Talking to Dan Brown
Dan Brown does DC
The way we die now
Airport photography
James Ellroy talks
Bukowski in love
Ayn Rand today
The rural gay