Sep 2, 2009

Everybody dances

Best of Wikipedia
Doctorow review
Read-to-me Tuesdays
Riding a French train
Poster art for green Iran
Understanding Oakeshott
The forever war reporter
Why the Beatles broke up
T.C. Boyle on John Cheever
The face on the dollar bill
Highway serial killing initiative
Experimental Luddite summer
Before Ted Kennedy was a lion
Visual history of the Soviet Union
Photos of the Burning Man festival
Profile of a modern-day hanging judge
Venn diagram of mythical creatures
(Transgendered) Cowboys for Christ
Raymond Chandler's imagined city
The thing between Brooks and Obama
School assigns "the books you like"
Photos of a country not always at war
Who was America's 1st serial killer?
Interview with William S. Burroughs
The Kennedy who most changed America
Brian Jones' death to be re-investigated
The thing between Brooks and Obama
Recession on the Navajo reservation blues
Paris Review interview with John Cheever
Remembering Western writer Elmer Kelton
An almost lost memoir of the Spanish Civil War
Remembering Lester Young, the 'Prez' of Jazz
The myth of Hermann and the birth of a nation
McCain condemns Cheney's torture program
Following John Kerry at the Kennedy funeral
Gen. Sherman's pyromanic treatment of Atlanta
Graham Greene's unfinished murder mysteries
Photography assignment: Ted Kennedy's burial
German academics suspected of Ph.D. bribery
The sometimes-religious practice of questioning
David Goldblatt: The camera is not a machine gun
Orwell 70 years ago: Invasion of Poland this morning
Rashi and the idea of a Jewish emphasis on commentary
The outline for Gay Talese's 'Frank Sinatra Has a Cold'
Uneasy spaces: photos of security, territorality and fear
Six arrested, charged with attempting to steal US border fence
A conspiracy (can you count the missing letters in "oligarchy"?)
Edward Rondthaler, phonetics proponent, dies at 104. May he rest in peace.