Sep 12, 2009

The date now known as a date that has no place in years

Before it happened, before it ever happened or could have happened even, we had imagined it all in our minds. We had seen it. And known it. And it was familiar to us and like a birthday party where when the cake came and the song was being sung we knew we had known this and this song was oddly off or misremembered and was this the tune? It was strangely like last time, was it last year, but and we had this memory of birthdays before and candles and were they put out at the end? Was that how this would end?

There was this image of smoke and dissipation.

After it happened, after it was over and gone and never could happen again that we wouldn't connect it to this and say remember? It's just like when ____. And then we had already seen it. We had already, even if this was the first time. It was weird and like the mystery of the Mona Lisa where the real one wasn't as real as the reproductions, and it wasn't the reality but the imitatable ambiguity that was bothering us anyway with this obliqueness that was or must have somehow been in us. We had seen it and seen it and seen it all as if our seeing made it so, and so we stared on unsettled. And we started at the yolks of our eggs as they ran the next morning.