Sep 7, 2009

Selling points

Shit, said the man with the needle, I wouldn't get a tattoo anywhere but America.

Not even Europe?

Hell no.


No way. Man, I saw a girl come in here with her dad, had a butterfly on her lowerback. It was GREEN. Swoll up and green. I was like, shit. He said she got it in France. I was like, well, they didn't sterilize the needle. You can tell, looking at it. She says no, they did it right. They steralized it right there and I watched them. I said yeah, well how'd they do it? She said they took it out of the wrapper and they put it the microwave for 30 seconds.

Wow. The microwave?

Shit man, said the man with the needle. It was infected bad too. You want a tattoo, you ought to get it right here. You can't trust just anybody.