Oct 20, 2009

Learning to shoot

Covering Lolita
Ockham's broom
Lost racing pigeon
In praise of the cliche
The lessons of Vietnam
Named after presidents
Sherman Alexie laughs
Ray Bradbury's painting
Republicans defend rape
Barack Obama the writer
New biography of Dickens
Video tape interrogations
Dawkins' arguments evolve
Americna roadside rhymes
Talking to Michael Chabon
A Maurice Sendak sentence
Maurice Sendak's thin skin
Dylan defiant & invigorating
Why we watched balloon boy
Obama teaches English in Japan
When Joe Biden tells the truth
Glenn Beck in a land of Torys
Vonnegut: "Look at the Birdie"
Listening to Thelonious Monk
David Hockney's long road home
Vonnegut on schools of writing
Don't Ask, Don't Tell is done for
Proposing to redesign the dollar
Peter Paul Rubins, artist and spy
Whither withering conservatism?
Don't ask, don't tell in Hollywood
Maurice Sendak rewrote the rules
Richard Dawkins: I'm not strident
Junot Diaz on writing and despair
Jonathan Letham talks to Criterion
What does balloon boy mean (x5)?
Thomas Pynchon and Grand Theft Auto
Bookshelves as personal expression
Letham's novels for global warming
Youth pastor's murder leaves questions
Trying to read Hegel as if he was right
Donald Barthelme's suggested reading
James Joyce got tenure, not immortality
Michael Chabon has an "impulse to control"
Dylan does Christmas, and it's not a joke
Seriously, who would bomb a Zizek lecture?
Institutionalists economists win the Nobel
Photographing the agriculture of East Anglia
Thelonious Monk was an American original
Conservative Episcopalians prepare for exodus
Jonathan Letham's new novel's nervous energy
The memoirs are coming, the memoirs are coming!
Can young blood save Germany's Social Democrats?
For Safire, grammar wasn't a front in the culture war
Dylan does homage to vintage American Christmases
Why does the CIA act like it's involved in an Oswald cover-up?
What is it like to be in the military with gay men and women?
Mad at Wes Anderson and Spike Jonze and their kids movies
F.A. Hayek was a socialist & conservatives are all really Randians
Jack Kerouac set to music by Benjamin Gibbard and Jay Farrar
Donald Kauffman, collector fo toy cars, dies at 79. May he rest in peace.