Oct 2, 2009

God can be found in the thank you voice
of a guy at the counter in the supermarket
or the quietness of a stranger's parking lot smile
or the rattle of weeds across a dry summer mohave
or watching my unfettered fingers
jump jump jumping across the computer keys
deep in the middle of typing three hours worth of unscrubbed truth.

God for me
turned out to be a conscious choice
a self-evoked experience
just like love.

-- Dan Fante

He sat down on one end of the sofa, and she sat down at the other end. But it was a small sofa, and they were still sitting close to each other. They were so close he could have put out his hand and touched her knee. But he didn't. She glanced around the room and then fixed her eyes on him again. He knew he hadn't shaved and that his hair stood up. But she was his wife, and she knew everything there was to know about him.

-- Raymond Carver