Oct 7, 2009

This may not be the way they remember you

Open Mouthed

A qwerty world
Tattoos in literature
E.L. Doctorow and rap
German book prize list
Burning Man time lapse
Reformed use of images
John Paul Sartre in Texas
Revisiting Richard Ford
Donald Miller's new book
When Amazon is hijacked
Gore Vidal: America is rotting
Dennis Hopper shot the '60s
Georgia O'Keeffe's love letters
What the internet has wrought
Is the internet melting our brains?
Bill Clinton's blue jillion anecdotes
Clinton - fireman with arson hobby
Bookbinders museum in SF. Calif.
Dan Brown and the pirated Symbol
Authenticating the Frida Kahlo trove
Wishing Ahmadinejad was Jewish
How Irving Kristol beget Glenn Beck
Tweet and tweet until you feel real
What and who Duchamp was doing
The poetry of water purification plants
Metaphors and the literal way we think
Excerpts from the new Kurt Vonnegut
Poem to celebrate a piece of punctuation
Lunch with Slavoj Zizek and Billy Collins
Pictures of Germany's (political) pirate party
Violence, Inglorious Basterds and Christians
The split at the heart of liberal foreign policy
Ending the cycle of presidential love and hate
Out and gay in New York in the 70s as an artist
The quest for certainty in math: a new comic book
Excerpt from Dawkin's The Greatest Show on Earth
The Clinton Tapes a splendid political story
Robert Creeley in the outfield with the Tampa Bay Rays
Bukowski's most recent posthumously published poems
Max Cleland tells his story: Vietnam, Walter Reed and Karl Rove
Physics and photography: the Nobel and the "switch to digital"
Great books, educational striving, authority and the middle brow
Norwegian, Nazi, modernist writer: What happened to Knut Hamsun?
William Safire, conservative columnist, dies at 79. May he rest in peace.
Safire was a hack who posed as a reporter, and sometimes as eloquent
Remembering William Safire for allowing others to learn to play with words
British police, art, and a picture of a naked child who later became famous
Gen. of Guantanamo Bay says he's sorry we lost the high ground
The real damages of illusionary power of media personalities
Interview with a book reviewer editor from the Wash. Post
The Republican's lie machine and the killing of health care
Beck vs. glennbeckrapedandmurderedayounggirlin1990.com
Explaining Internet memes & viral satire to the court
Trying to save God from followers and despisers
James Agee's punctuation is an "aperture of awe"
Deception and the history of the lie detector
Unsentimental celebration of the coffee waitress
What happens when we think about love or sex?
German flash mobs going to the high court
3 Americans share Nobel prize for physics
The problems of posthumous publication
Financial incentives for political outrage
Celebrating Samuel Johnson, a big man
Coen brother's story Jewish, universal
Work spaces: Where and how we work
Working as a waitress at Oktoberfest
The state of online book reviews
American right waxes and wanes
Is Ellroy an unchallenged racist?
How not to fight in Afghanistan
How the WASPs lost their sting
The end of an Infinite Summer
What is the book reviewers' job?
Why no great Indian novel?
James Wood on A.S. Byatt
Dylan's Christmas spirit
Needed: Neo-neo-cons
Adjectives and politics
Flarf = the smirk of art
Teaching the N-Word
It's all literature now
Artists self-portraits
Being Carrie Fisher
R. Crumb's Genisis
Grunge, a history
Noir in 50 words
Commune living