Oct 30, 2009

Sometimes in the silences

Tom Waits: We're all insects crawling on the shiny hood of a Cadillac
Ralph Ellison: What would America be without the Negros?
4,000-year-old skeleton, buried with dagger, unearthed
The secret origin of Stan Lee and the Marvel Universe
The dangerous Daniel Ellsberg (& the Pentagon papers)
Birther lawsuit unconstitutional, attempted overthrow
The RZA on the truth shall set you free from all things
'Mermaid girl' dies at age 10. May she rest in peace.
Malcolm Gladwell: Journalists must get smarter
The new but not really new Malcolm Gladwell
Not the Onion: Coyotes kill female folk singer
E.B. White: I hate the guts of English grammar
The Life and Times of Sugar Ray Robinson 1
The Life and Times of Sugar Ray Robinson 2
Fewer journalists to witness state executions
The conservative case against gay marriage
Secret service straining with rise in threats
Before Ira Glass, there was Charles Kuralt
Frederick Jackson Turner's Frontier Thesis
Elie Wiesel to speak at anti-semite event
Republicans purge moderates in Florida
Richard Powers and patterns of uptalk
Sherman Alexie's advice: be nomadic
The Rosary: bringing it down to Earth
The anti-Nazi cleaning lady of Berlin
Why you should read Marcel Proust
Yale's intro to lit theory now online
Republicans purge moderates in NY
Exhibitionists living in glass house
The kinder, gentler James Ellroy
10 ways to reduce incarcerations
The Devil on This American Life
Distance and the author photo
Ad hominem Heidegger
Karl Barthes and the Nazis
Tom Waits talks to the CBC
R. Crumb talks about God
Introducing difficult books
The RZA talks to the NPR
Picturing the Depression
Newt Gingrich's game
Talking to Philip Roth
Bolano for beginners
Science in pictures
Black super heros
The last Yugoslav