Oct 2, 2009

Women at the Texaco 2

He was never entirely sure he remembered her. When they said the family was going to sue, Ray didn't even know who she was. He asked what lady were they talking about.

The only reason he thought he might remember was because there was one older woman that week who was snappy. He was stocking the shelves of sodas and and didn't see her, didn't see she was ready at the counter, and she told him he was very rude. She said he was exacerbating and she was insulted that he was so rude. She actually said that -- exacerbating, or maybe it was exasperating? He didn't know the difference, and she scowled. That might have been her, but he really wasn't sure. The Texaco lawyers said she bought a pack of peppermint gum and then she died.

She had a bad fall on the side of the gas station. The family said a step wasn't marked. It was a question of liability. She lay there for some time, an old woman alone on the pavement, while he was inside putting up sodas and chips. No one knew how long she lay there. When someone helped her up she said she was fine, but her head was hurt and she died that night.

The family wanted him to feel bad about it. The lawyers were very careful not to tell him how to feel. If he felt bad then Texaco had to settle the suit. But instead he was kind of confused, asking them to repeat parts. He looked, though they didn't ask, but he couldn't find any record of a sale of gum.