Nov 25, 2009

Personal recollections and shared reminiscences of the deceased

He used to stick his finger in the coffee to see if it was warm. Even when there was steam or the cup itself was hot, he'd plunge his pointer in like a dip stick. Up to the knuckle. Then he'd stick his finger in his mouth and nurse it. Every time.

Three years we'd worked together, since they hired us both for the holiday rush, and this was what I knew. About the coffee.

He used to lower his voice, too, when he was on the phone. He'd lower it so it was soft and he'd say in the unlikely event that you were to unexpectedly pass away, wouldn't you want know that your loved ones are cared for and financially secure? Isn't it good to have that peace of mind? Then he'd stick his finger in his coffee, and he'd smile if they said yes.