Dec 30, 2009

Worse than the time before

Tom Waits on what you get out of working in movies
One hundred posters, minutes, days, and influences
We still need Marx when we study religion in the 'post-secular' age
John Starkey, Indiana photojournalist, dies at 67. May he rest in peace.
9,000 pages of Nietzshe now available in digital facsimile
Can LA change public perception of public transit?
David Foster Wallace was not a grammar oracle
What the Large Hadron Collider will accomplish
How the right wing hijacked the thriller genre
Jonathan Letham reviews Patricia Highsmith
Books most likely to be on 5-finger discount
David Levine's authoritative images gallery
Large Hadron Collider and the second try
Review of Best American Short Stories 2009
Herta Müller and her discontinued people
Mountain Goats: Experiments in sincerity
Can we hope for another communism?
Sugar Ray Robinson's 'transcendence'
Conservative of the year: Dick Cheney
The horrid tradition of end-of-year lists
How not to build a revolutionary party
James Cameron's white guilt fantasy
Polarization of Supreme Court clerks
40 years of the Whole Earth Catalog
Defending the faith of nonbelievers
War where we find it (photo exhibit)
Forms of writing = forms of thinking
Zadie Smith: "The real slim Zadie"
What the Arab media cares about
How to teach physics to your dog
Freedom is being a bike courier
The where and how of reading
Germany's exported Christmas
25 ways to get smarter in 2010
50 years of listening to aliens
Puddles and the modern city
Top ten years of the decade
When Rigo will return home
Dissertations on the Dude
How Zadie Smith reads
NPR's Jazz of the year
A year in book covers
The decade in design
Graphing gravity wells
New Russian writers