Dec 20, 2009

About to pop

Writing while riding on trains
A history of shooting sideways
Terry Gilliam and the Imaginarium
Edward P. Jones' Ballad of America
Edward P. Jones and black nostalgia
Edward P. Jones after the MFA program
Charles Dickens' savage and magical style
David Foster Wallace's German hit, Un Enlicher Spaß
Can a man who makes his living off of war be a humanitarian?
Derrida, unofficial translations and copyright challenge
Why David Lynch didn't do Return of the Jedi
Arab homosexuals were invented by the West
The David Foster Wallace grammar challenge
The minister who heads the brothel lobby
Censorship, obscenity and comics in Canada
Women and the mastery of the short story
The destructions of Patricia Highsmith
Mathematician who subtracted himself
David Foster Wallace: "Wiggle room."
Paul Auster's artistic oblivion
Zomia and the anarchic ideal
Writing advice from Dr. Suess
Interview with Thomas Lynch
David Bryne's movie voodoo
Hubble advent calendar
Lady Gaga, feminist?
Graphic design '00
Missing the point
How you say "Lolita"
Trademarks of illegality
No bookstore in Loredo
Value of a short story: $3.99
Best Jazz of the year, decade
Super heroes throughout history
Evangelicals and intellectuals
Looking for life in the multiverse
Gary Johnson, the next Ron Paul?
Attempts to rehabilitate Lenin studies
Photos of the odd and strange everyday
Movie of the decade: There Will Be Blood
Asking for forgiveness for 10,000 deaths
Obama and his Niebuhrian foreign policy
Breaking down the brilliance of Kind of Blue
Oral Roberts and the return of the prosperity gospel
Sugar Ray and the rise of urban African-Americans
A criminal justice system practically built to perpetuate crime
Anxious middle class caught between prole zombies and vampire toffs
Robert P. George, architect of the newest declaration of Christian Right
Crime of shadows: trolling for predators in the corners of the internet
Oral Roberts, Pentecostal with TV empire, dies at 91. May he rest in peace.