Jan 23, 2010

Blew through a birdless tree

Detainee 063
Let poetry die
Foot on a bomb
Jazz of civil rights
The DIY book tour
Gaiman's fantasies
Walt Whitman blogs
Art gallery of death
A history of memoirs
Fear, graphic designed
This is your brain on art
William Burroughs' bunker
Women at work in Germany
History of pop music falsetto
Why do we go to grad school?
Moves in contemporary poetry
All writers repeat themselves
Zadie Smith's quirky pleasures
The president and the narrative
The sex lives of Civil War soldiers
The post-racial conversation now
"Kafka was a slightly strange man"
Military buys bible-inscribed guns
Crayola and the doubling of colors
T.C. Boyle story: A Death in Kitchawank
The black power behind Barack Obama
5 reasons libertarians shouldn't hate govt.
Robert Parker left his mark on detective fiction
Heroic moments in modern poetry 1, 2, 3, and 4
Journalistic education of Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Were the American expressionists all "coonskins"?
Conservative skepticism vs. hatred of the government
Book called "Paranoia" suddenly removed from shelves
Children's scribbles and the "manifestation of gestalts"
Chambers, Trilling and the lessons of anti-Communism
Ayn Rand and the dismal inspiration of vast incuriousity
The great Joe Rollino, 104, killed by a minivan. May he rest in peace.
Robert Parker, prolific Mass. crime writer, dies at his desk at 77. May he rest in peace.
Dennis Stock, photographer of portraits, dies at 81. May he rest in peace.
Steven Lovelady, editor with deft touch, dies at 66. May he rest in peace.
Inside the Edwards campaign, nothing was too strange to be true
Racists empowered Mugabe, Mugabe empowered racists
Returning the remains of those taken for Europe's "human zoos"
100 years after Chesterton said what was wrong with the world
Literature and children: Towards a theory of surprise
Hitchens praising J.G. Ballard, the "Catastrophist"
Profile of George Noory and the oddest radio show
What Bill Clinton can teach Pres. Obama
The conservative case for gay marriage
Infinite reading Roberto Bolaño's 2666
Avatars and noble savages and Navajos
The slow collapse of the Wash. Post
Pat Robertson's explanation of Haiti
Don Miller's response to Robertson
Thinking about that "Negro dialect"
Forgotten Chinese photojournalist
What was eating Richard Wagner?
Even censored Internet in China
P.D. James' personal reflection
Subatomic particles being born
Jonathan Letham's Brooklyn
"I just want my wife's corpse"
Your water tower, your home
Making out with Roger Ebert
Burden of the system of bail
The other Winston Churchill
Top investigative journalism
Top 10 places you can't go
Slang and linguistic trends
What's wrong with Jay Leno
Earthquakes and journalism
7 "best" literary magazines
The work of WWII pacifists
Lady Gaga approximately
The paralysis of analysis
Photojournalism tutorial
Documentary on sheep
Blasphemy in Ireland
Hear Niebuhr's sermons
The real Jane Austen?
Sweaty British soul
Talking to aliens