Feb 1, 2010

Gigged up

An attitude of language is the difference between crime writing and the "literary"
What happens when poets spend too much time fucking around on the internet
When David Foster Wallace was teaching assistant of the year
Derrida, Heidegger, Benjamin: guilty of philotyranny?
We have to remember the public in public works
Stalking George Plimpton: an essay in google maps
Fundamentalists and the atheists who love them
Martin Amis on not deciding to write
In defense of Carl Sandburg's nonsense
The late night distemper of our times
Kasparov on the chess computers
Testing the myths of profile pix
What we lost with Howard Zinn
Ruling on campaign finance law
So much for judicial minimalism
Kibbutz Zionism in the 60s
No maw New Yawk accent?
The Jihadist from Alabama
Representing motion
Age of asymmetry
Photographing Haiti
Steam tunnel music
When the author died
Clips of Howl, the movie
Thomas Lynch tries fiction
The president I always wanted
History of miscegenation laws
Iggy Pop and voice as weapon
Occult American: into the weird
The intellectual trend of unreality
Edward P. Jones: doomed to stories
Did Dashiell Hammett hate poetry?
Mathematic renderings of whale songs
Zadie Smith and the hysteric moment
Ulysses S. Grant was unjustly villified
Ross Douthat's idiosyncratic conservatism
Ways we've imagined the end of the world
Christian faith crisis in American rock and indie rock
Evolution within evolution: how to explain horizontal gene "inheritance"
Howard Zinn, author of U.S. "People's History," dies at 87. May he rest in peace.