Feb 16, 2010

Faces we make when we sing the songs we know

Strewn texts
Guantanamo child
The Routes of Man
You call that God?
Rebuilding Dresden
The pain of conversion
Wither the Whitmanites?
Judaism and polytheism
Books should offend you
The end of the space age
Faulkner's plantation diary
Some great PK Dick covers
And God created evolution
Tolstoy: Renunciation artist
The 7 Americas of facebook
Exploring California deserts
The MSM loves Sarah Palin
World Press Photos of 2010
Defending death row inmates
Germans anxious about the Euro
"We never ever went to the moon"
Typewriter sculpture robot woman
Editing posthumous Ralph Ellison
The Magnetic Field's new Realism
Towards a literature of the homeless
Silencing the very unpopular minority
Hobbes, Locke and the state of snow
The Center for Civil War photography
Derrida's post-deconstructive realism
The rise and fall of a '50s scandal rag
The weird reality of negative numbers
Literature that should be video games
The work of Toussaint: stabbing the olive
Salinger should have had the right to quit
Management secrets of the Grateful Dead
Twitter, technology and the lesson of craps
Thomas Lynch's "Apparitions & Late Fictions"
Slaughter-House Five now open to Vonnegut fans
Eric Holder and the politics of legal prosecution
The most controversial 89-year-old in New York
Paris philosopher's book cites fictional philosopher
When the student revolution burned history papers
Yosi Sergant, NEA, and the art of right wing hysteria
Forget about homosexuals, let's talk about gay men and lesbians
Charlie Wilson, rep. who funded Afghan rebels, dies at 76. May he rest in peace.
John Murtha, Pa. rep. who criticized war, dies at 77. May he rest in peace.
John Murtha was a dying breed, unapologetic district partisan
Descartes was murdered with a poison host!
95 years after "Birth of a Nation"
Bookshelves tumblr