Mar 17, 2010

A game in the afternoon

Broder: To a sensible country, Obama would be moderate progressive reformer
Tim Holland, backgrammon master, dies at 79. May he rest in peace.
Gingrich still a rock star, a hope, a tourist attraction
Scenes from Allen Ginsberg's last three days on earth
Questions about the morality of war photography
Texas rewrites history to Republican standards
When Terry Gilliam's style became full-formed
Contemporary Christianity and "Loss aversion"
Abortion = racists killing black children?
More health care would mean less abortions
Heidegger and the ready-to-hand computer
Comparing Google's translation software
Pictures of girls taking girls to proms
Sherwood Anderson: Read T.H. Lawrence
CIA's LSD in French bread experiment
American religion is experimentation
Lady Gaga should make silent movies
Blue whales sining at a lower pitch
Trying to preserve digital archives
David Pearson's book cover design
Georgia wants more backyard farms
Addiciton as a disorder of choice
The problem with war films today
A body on the gears: Mario Savio
The queer career of Johnny Depp
Radio station's forbidden words
Why does Glenn Beck hate Jesus?
Who really cares about bauhaus?
Sprawl is planned by big govt.
1970s: a decade of craziness
A conspiracy of seed prices
Health care fighting words
C-Span archives now online
The importance of drawing
States rights rides again
Twain's 450-page vendetta
Jazz covers of Radiohead
Son House's Death Letter
America's missing people
Ways to stop prison rape
Free audio books online
Bob Dylan's Jewishness
Christoph Niemann maps
When Lowell met Borges
Cormac McCarthy covers
Melville's marginalia
13 novels about drugs
Man vs. Afghanistan
Writing about work
Borges at UBUweb
Book sculptures
The top hatted
Spies and sex
On epigraphs