Mar 8, 2010

Carving again

The importance of Walt Whitman's glasses
Marshall McLuhan online
Recruiting games
Which Marx?
Seed library
DFW audio
Folk America
The dogs of war
50 years of SETI
DeLillo can't win
A speaking piano
Typeface your face
Young me/ Now me
Barry Hannah's faith
Remember Alan Sokal
Pelican cover archive
Obsolete occupations
Map your urban forest!
Why no Jewish Narnia?
There is a Jewish Narnia
Good stuff at BLDG BLOG
Is it so great being Rahm?
The fable of Rahm the great
Joanna Newsome, changeling
Why Oscar's best movie isn't
Lessons of the torture memos
Animating the uncanny valley
How Punk was mainstreamed
Writing at a ratty coffeehouse
The new Norman Mailer prize
Underwater church rises again
Movements of mass innocence
Slate seeking hand drawn maps
Cosmology and the arrow of time
Newspapers won't love you back
The end of Germany's terror trials
How to become a real Oregonian
How librarians can save the world
Freelance writers win online rights
Mapping the sound around Toronto
Are there untainted jurors anymore?
Solving a murder with Google Earth
Thank you for not expressing yourself
I bet you think this earthquake's about you
Does the free market erode moral character?
The new landscape of the religious blogosphere
Louis Fabian, presidential portrait photographer, dies at 92. May he rest in peace.
The mistake on page 1.032: the trouble with translating 'Infinite Jest' into German
Historic photos of Boston's porn shop, peep show, strip club strip
Journalist's narrative authority in a fragmented world
Recession struck street 'revived' with fake shop front
Johnny Cash + Rick Rubin = American communion
We must remember to forget in the digital age
RNC memos say what everyone already knows
The internet's becoming a one-company town
DeLillo: Language is the final enlightenment
The White House and the news cyclone
Cleveland mall made into greenhouse
Starts orbiting black holes