Mar 16, 2010

Things to remember when reporting corruption:

1. Just because some bad guys lost, that doesn't necessarily mean good guys won. There might not be any good guys. The game is often zero-sum.

2. The corrupt do not fall because they're corrupt, but because someone benefited from the falling. You will be one of the ones who benefited.

3. You will not report the whole story, nor does anyone want you to. At the point where the story is confusing and what would be considered justice is complicated, the reader will neither read nor care. What you will feel you know, afterwards, will be unconfirmed and unconfirmable, indistinguishable from mere suspicion and disillusionment.

4. Stories carry weight. Whatever you write will weigh as a finger on the scales of events to come, and it's also unpredictable, so your story might not tip things like you would have wanted.

5. There is no resolution, only change. No innocence, only choices.