Apr 10, 2010

Contortions and what 'conservative' means

1) I'm having trouble wrapping my mind around this transition cut in a clip of FOX's Megyn Kelly. How is it possible to propose a critique of nuclear disarmament and then cut to a mushroom cloud? The implied argument is completely contorted.

It's also difficult to see how it could be made in good faith. It's increasingly hard to see how any of conservatism's critiques can be made in good faith or with any charity at all.

2) The New York Times reports, "Justice Stevens, a Republican, gradually became the leader of the court’s liberal wing .... Over time, he became increasingly skeptical of claims of government power."

I know this is true, and it makes sense, especially in the contexts of specific issues of criminal justice and the death penalty, but also it's completely amazing. What is conservatism if it's not skeptical of government power?

And yet it is and isn't, and that's the internal incoherence of it.

Which is why I can't tell the difference, anymore, and maybe this is my fault, but I can't see what seperates conservatism and the shit I used to think was just using conservatism as a disguise.