Apr 8, 2010

What do the 'preachers who are not believers' not believe?

What these clergymen really have to offer is ultimately not the fact of whether they believe in God or not but, rather, the struggles of honesty, faith, and reason that are a part of so many people’s lives today. Yet Dennett and LaScola dismiss the nuance in what their subjects say, foisting a severely restrictive framework onto the ministers’ carefully thought-out positions. Even in the title, the study labels them “not believers,” though that doesn’t really describe them at all.

As one of the men says, “We are not ‘un-believers’ in our own minds.”

In whose minds, then, do they disbelieve? In the mind of Albert Mohler, Jr., certainly. The prominent Southern Baptist calls their beliefs “heresy, apostasy, and hypocrisy.” Dennett and LaScola seem to agree with this when they write that the five ministers “live out their ministries in secret disbelief.”

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