May 10, 2010

Ride and colors

Longform journalism
Mike Allen: NewsCycle Man
How blogging matters where
Theology of Cool Hand Luke
Terry Eagleton on criticism
They too needed emancipation
David Petraeus: Professor of War
Gay Talese' non-fiction marriage
The disappearing languages of NYC
Walter Benjamin, the painful opera
Malcolm Gladwell: Pandora's suitcase
Michael Crichton: pop art collector
Drawing Moby-Dick, one page at a time
First they came for Hitler (parodies)
Twisting yoga to our own spiritual needs
Purvis Young, Miami folk artist, dies at 67. May he rest in peace.
How black Baltimore drug dealers used a right wing separatist legal defense
The insanity of an ultra-marathoner: The last days are marked by hallucinations: bears, wolves and aliens prowl the roadside; asphalt cracks rearrange themselves into coded messages.
Richard Zimmerman, last of the Idaho cavemen, dies at 94. May he rest in peace.
This is the story of the night Hannah was not official raped
What does it mean to beg the question? And should you do it?
Tolerance of ick and the right of free speech
The internet doesn't create political-media ghettos
Revisiting the "hacker" heroes, 25 years later
What color is this? Extensive survey results
Is conservatism helped or hurt by FOX news?
Detail's 1996 David Foster Wallace profile
Google Image search: a map of America
Obama to announce Supreme Court pick
Mark Twain: harsh marginalia critic
The next volcano could kill us all
Supreme Court closes the front door
Obama admin using Miranda loophole
James Earl Ray's stalking of MLK
Raw milk raids in Amish country
John Milbank, a blogging theory
The romance of the window seat
The Powells poetry pain index
Gordon Lish to teach in NYC
The lost state of Jefferson
What made Twain famous?
10 absurdist classics
Legacy of a war photo
The art in cadavers
The Whale