Jun 30, 2010

Like the queen of a month forgotten

Dwight Armstrong, who bombed a college building in 1970s, died on June 20 at 58. May he rest in peace.
Glenn Beck's 'faction' book should be judged by it's incitement
Every man in this village is a liar: an education in war
Artificial intelligences is about understanding speech
Neil Gaiman's call for stories, not just literature
Glen Beck's new book incoherent and badly written
Wendell Berry takes papers back from U. Kentucky
Failed posings in the work of Bret Easton Ellis
What's wrong with the media: wonk's fallacy
Recognize it: soccer is an American game
The irony in Glenn Beck's best seller
The two-fisted films of Sam Fuller
When Lincoln fired generals
Remembering the Korean war
Andy Warhol's last supper
15 of the longest novels
Andy Warhol's art orgy
Rolling Stone revived
The last firing squad
When New York swung
The Kagan hearings
Quantum tools
Politicians eating
Gorilla psychologists
Staring down a muppet
Steinbeck market sluggish
The people vs. George Lucas
Fiction is dead, again. Or - no.
A Christian hipster's bookshelf
Nanobots assemble themselves
3 questions for David Petraeus
DC floats on a river of aspersion
Results of American time use survey
Robert Byrd's redemptive journey
Quiet the oceans, darken the sky
New frontiers of pain compliance
A weekend of gun rights in Chicago
Brando Skyhorse's rules for writing
Republicans attack Thurgood Marshall
When original intent is evolving intent
What happened to the black literary canon
Ted Olson's closing argument for gay marriage
The Wizard did it: a new way to explain explanation
The 8 coolest things about the alleged Russian spy ring
Supreme Court ruling could set corrupt politicians free
"Smarter than you think": reading and misreading David Foster Wallace