Jul 21, 2010

Swinging on the swing in the park

Diagramming Lewis Carroll
History of canned laughter
The battle over left-over Kafka
Keroauc and Ginsberg's letters
Conversations with Harvey Pekar
Prais Review unaccepting poetry now
Dennis Lehane on the noir novel 'Galveston'
Interview with Gordon "Captain Fiction" Lish
Searching for journalism in an age of branding
Bret Easton Ellis disses David Foster Wallace
On reading
Howl trailer
Neil Gaiman 101
John Updike at work
What is a long poem?
The Pope's astronomer
Colons make a come-back
Math as performance art
No poets at the Tea Party
DeLillo at Yankee stadium
Roger Ebert on architecture
Sontag interviewed in 2000
Tarkovsky's films now online
What politics does to history
Karl Rove on his worst mistake
Journalism and dubious numbers
The indignation of Philip Roth
Faulkner as writer in residence
Preserved Polish prison tattoos
Attack on Iran back on the table
Video games come of critical age
Beautiful work of Penn and Teller
50 years after the Sot Weed Factor
Poem as moment of beauty and grace
Enter the secret world of wikileaks
Ta-Nehisi Coates on writing and rap
What's wrong with online journalism
What America should learn from Flint
New Vietnam War documents reveal lie
Bureaucracy meets art, delighting Christo
A Conservative's critique of the prison system
Minimalism, maximalism and architechture trends
An introductory appreciation of the Mountain Goats
Wendell Berry imagines a place he has always known
The origin of using typographical marks for curses
Born again Berkowitz and his evangelical assistants
Exhibit A for govt-run health care: Dick Cheney's heart
John Darnielle: the terms of your moral universe are lame
Making newspapers worth saving isn't the same as saving them
David Lynch on consciousness, creativity and Transcendental Meditation