Jul 25, 2010

Not-quite-stories of things I saw while waiting for planes that didn't come

Waiting for planes, waiting for baggage, waiting

Swearing in his second language, it's fucking you to kidding me, a Croatian mad can't get what he wants and his baby, illegal now due to bureaucracy, cries and cries.

The airline agents form three lines -- a sieve to slow the flow of traffic. One woman, uniformed in friendly blue, alternatively in German and English, gets mad at people.

On the train they read serious books. In the airport, paperback thrillers.

Each time, the officers on rounds choose the same man to wake up off the benches. They ask, why would you go to Abu Dabi?

Politics or movies, they don't care what the answer is, the Austrians ask as Austrians always as ask: what do you think of Arnold Schwarzenegger? It is amazing story, they say, he started as this little farm boy and now he is the Governator in your country.

We knew he was trouble as soon as we saw the Oilers ball cap. Now he discourses on pot in America, parties in Europe, and himself, always himself.

She runs -- runs -- abandoning her bags and jumping on him. Later, they make out on the escalator.

For Dutch, call after 9:30.

Thank Jesus, the manic American says, getting on board on a stand-by ticket, ignoring the five people behind him who will wait in another airport, another day: God answers prayers. I want you to remember that -- he really does. It's the power of prayer. God answers prayers.