Aug 25, 2010

And they played lopsided heart and moon over Dog Street
Tattoo lit
James Joyce in Paris
Marmaduke by Kafka
Pencil point sculptures
Talking to Don DeLillo
Del Toro to do Lovecraft
A soldier's last trip home
24 hours in a laundromat
Learn to swear in English
Poland's Pynchon conference
Best magazine articles ever
Looking like Hemmingway
Machines without the awe
Other side of Gil Scott Heron
Einstein as liberal conspiracy
God's Lunatics: an encyclopedia
The disguises of Tom McCarthy's C
On the set of Atlas Shrugged, the movie
Take this question out back and shoot it
Christianity Today interview with Robert Duvall
FBI releases 423 pages on Howard Zinn
The paranoid style in American politics
Warren Jeff's rape conviction overturned
Does the web mean the end of forgetting?
David Foster Wallace's Signifying Rappers
What social science doesn't -- and can't? -- know
Pacific Northwest landscape and Ken Kesey's writing
How I learned to stop worrying and love Frank O'Hara
Talking "new" natural law with Robby George
Mixing up art and copy in the 60s ad agencies
Sincerity in the lesser-know works of David Foster Wallace
Newt: the indispensable Republican
Jenny Lewis (of Rilo Kiley) tries pop
Sufjan Steven's All Delighted People
Vonnegut library set to open in Indy
PD James and liberating conventions
Justice Kennedy's gay rights record
Mormons and freedom of religion now
The heterosexual "marriage ideal"
Gay people and the marriage ideal
Support for marriage equality graph
A win for the Fourth Amendment
50 years of Rastafarian studies
Reasons for artistic repetition
Death of a (Yiddish) bookstore
Alternate history of the novel
The baptist sex abuse scandal
The 675-mile long garage sale
Free the censored 11 cartoons
The design of ordinary places
Washington, we have a problem
How important is Don DeLillo?
James Baldwin on assumptions
Obama: a really lousy Muslim
Censoring the police blotter
Inception's generation gap
A primer on David Markson
Great books, great leaders
Derrida the anti-realist
Valerie Plame, the movie
On craft and repetition
To play Allen Ginsberg
Batman and Dostoevsky
Redesigned book covers
Ira Glass on maps
On not debating
Hillsdale art