Sep 30, 2010

Bible Game 7

Fincher's credits
Hipster consumption
The Self in fiction
Tea Party protest art
Improv as a way of life
The Circus: the photographs
6 artists on Blood Meridian
A literary map of Manhattan
Worshiping the constitution
Tweeting Wittgenstein's life
Grammar doesn't equal thought
Trying to understand Pavement
Pavement makes a come back now?
PEN interview with Don DeLillo
Maps of race in American cities
Jack Anderson, journalist as spy
William Burroughs reviews The Who
Source material for Blood Meridian
Write your own Raymond Carver story
James Wood is wrong on Blood Meridian
Eddie Long and the end of black homophobia
New Chicago Manual of Style is +1000 pages
Will Woodward's book be as bad as its cover?
What does physics tell us about metaphysics?
Tao Lin: Great American Novelist (by Tao Lin)
How to write on science for a newspaper, a guide
The most accurate sci fi, according to scientists
Caputo's philosophy lectures online (complete list)
Caputo's last lectures on continental philosophy online
Caputo's syllabus on the future of continental philosophy
White rockers in search of soul salvation (& authenticity)
Franzen acts like he's presiding over literature's funeral
You have to have the courage of your artistic restrictions
The journals of Elias Hicks, the Quaker who inspired Walt Whitman
Don Bean, prankster and journalist, dies at 82. May he rest in peace.
Into the anti-Semitic psychosis of Ezra Pound's authorized biographer
Arther Penn, who directed Bonnie and Clyde, dies at 88. May he rest in peace.
Germany to make final reparations payment for WWI 92 years later