Sep 21, 2010

Market and green

Wittgenstein and the hard-boiled
How to photograph an atomic bomb
Where is Gen. George Custer's remains?
We are hungry for beauty. There is a void.
Billy Collins, you douche, lyrics are too poetry
The 50 most influential progressives in the 20th century (starting with Debbs)
Ronald W. Walters, scholar who led first lunch-counter sit-in, dies at 72. May he rest in peace.
Why are video games the medium of choice for depicting current US wars?
What is it about right wing women leading political insurgencies?
Jean-Luc Godard: There is no such thing as intellectual property
Search engines keep you from finding more than you want to know
Howl: the best exposition of a poem in a major motion picture
Pentagon tries to buy up book it doesn't want you to read
Franzen's moral clarity and the indictment against cool
Derrida interviews free jazz musician Ornette Coleman
"Original Civil Rights Photographer" was FBI informant
The problem with prescriptivists: they can't be wrong
Tom McCarthy and the future of the avant garde novel
We want to call these fringe candidates ... but ...
Benedict co-opts John Henry Newman for his own power
The Limbaugh Rule vs. The Buckley rule for voting
America is littered with really large things
World's largest signature is Manhattan-wide
Tao Lin: stealing books is good for business
Hayek and the crisis in American capitalism
Looking for Grizzly bears in Wash. state
Why do we read and write popular fiction?
Burning Quran's and scapegoating of Islam
Vatican library to reopen after remodel
Mitch Daniels makes moves to run for WH
Mitch Daniels & fiscal special olypmics
Can a Mormon lead the Christian right?
Republicans ride the tea party tiger
David Foster Wallace: the archives
Alinksy's rules: for conservatives?
Ten years with Jon Stewart's jokes
Wittgenstein's television debut?
Write so as to become primary
The chess model of sacrifice
The comics criticism canon
Paintings of bookshelves
The present tense novels
Inside America's mosques
John Lindsay in New York
Massimo Vignelli's desk
English spelling reform
The Pale King is coming
Crime blotter fashion
Polka dots, a history
Photographs in pairs
Franzen on Fresh Air
100 miles per gallon
The cyberpunk canon
Get a real degree