Oct 19, 2010

Out is up, up is air

City maps made of text
Maps and "trap streets"
John Huchra, whose maps altered ideas of universe, dies at 61. May he rest in peace.
Benoît B. Mandelbrot, mathematician who developed fractal geometry, dies at 85. May he rest in peace.
Benoît B. Mandelbrot talks about fractals and the art of roughness
Essential theology of the last 25 years
Death of God Theology within the Methodist Church
Searching for God in the 60s
How the Cold War changed protestantism
PBS's intersections of religion and public life in America
What does murder cost?
Murder as democratic past time
Off of death row, banished from Oklahoma
War photographer turns to ballet
Charles Manson's explanation
30 years of courtroom sketches
Michael Connelly's latest thriller
Tao Lin's awkward salad
What people are reading on New York subways
Behind the scene at the Booker Prize
Zadie Smith on having money
An unpublished David Foster Wallace story
David Foster Wallace and the dangers of meta
Neil Gaiman reads
Teaching the graphic novel
TS Eliot reads The Waste Land
Dylan's Witmark Demos
Mr. Strommy-strum tries a synth sound
Celebrating boom boxes
Talking to comic book legend Stan Lee:
'When I was young, doing what I do, I was
almost embarassed writing comics. I thought, there are people building bridges,
doing important things, and I'm writing these stupid stories.'

The scene from Psycho changed everything
Spotlight on Akira Kurosawa
Is Zizek good for the left?
Save Walter Benjamin from his followers
Clause Levi-Strauss in his labratory
Google's work with Wittgenstein
Wittgenstein chewed the rugs
Roland Barthes diary of mourning
Ron Paul isn't alone anymore
Corporate money and politics
The education of a president
The military publishing complex
Campaign finance law makes this 1972 all over again
Mitch Daniels tries grown up politics, probably can't become president now
Romney's book gets a boost in sales
Dinesh D'Souza's lunacy
The Tea Party's Cold War roots
1930sGermany: 'what we call self-mobilization society'
Germany's ugliest buildings