Oct 29, 2010

A space in which to write

Is Zadie Smith the Barack Obama of literature?
Eminem finds four rhymes that rhyme with orange
Amiri Baraka rereads "somebody blew up America"
The problem with Sufjan Steven's Age of Adz
The withering death of rejection letters
So you want to get a PhD in humanities
100 years of NY subway photography
Reimagining the Gettysburg address
44 ways of looking at marginalia
Vonneguts and bi-polar disorder
Fetish for non-digital writing
Rejection is hard tee shirts
Is Annie Lebowitz an artist?
The chapbook is illuminated
Edger Allen Poe and Eminem
Barthes by Barthes by Bart
Ben Franklin's death mask
Malcolm Gladwell's hair
Roget Ebert on Playboy
Your handwritten font
Jane Austen in Oregon
Talking to Gay Talese
Becoming Thoreau
Poetry as murder
Teaching Anselm
Animating Howl
Oxford comma
Iraq war logs
NYTime's war logs
Peeing is political
On how to be dogmatic
40 years of Doonesbury
Trudeau's best works
Renegade: visual poetry
The Giants old ballgame
Gloves of the World Series
Triumph of the cyborg composer
Conservatives and "sublime" war
Seymour Hersh on the online threat
Can conservatism be rational again?
For sale: 70-ton map of California
Tattoos protected by First Amendment
Zizek and Milbank: A missed encounter
Sony Walkman tape player discontinued
We already had a gay president: Lincoln.
Greil Marcus and Sean Wilentz talk Bob Dylan
Cory Doctorow's adventures in self publishing
The Salem murder that inspired Hawthorne and Poe
Robert Alter's new translation of the Hebrew Bible
Why Doc Brown is the real villain of Back to the Future
Robert Ebert readers take down a take down of the critic
Considering the importance of NPR and radio after Ira Glass
If God wanted to destroy New Atheism, getting this book written was a good start