Oct 6, 2010

The cultural relevance of Tao Lin

Girl off screen: I have a multi-faceted question. If it's OK. First of all, do you think that your writing is more accessible because it's culturally relevant? Do you think that young people are depressed now more than ever? Do you have a business card? And who is the most famous person in your cell phone's address book? You can answer in any order you want.
Tao Lin: Most famous person, um. I don't know. I could look.
Girl: OK.
Tao Lin: Should I?
Girl: Yeah.
Tao Lin: I just got this two months ago I think.
Girl: Cool.
Tao Lin: It's an iPhone.
Girl: Do you have Jonathan Franzen's phone number?
Tao Lin: Yeah.
Girl: Really?
Tao Lin: Yeah. He's the most famous.
Girl: Awesome.
Tao Lin: Yeah. We're friends.
Girl: Cool.
Tao Lin: There's no one more famous than him, right?

[Long pause]

Girl: Do you want to answer ....
Tao Lin: The other questions. Is my work .... what was the one about cultural relevance?
Girl: Do you think your writing is more accessible because it's culturally relevant ... or something like that.
Tao Lin: Hmmm. I don't think it's culturally relevant.